Kapton film (commercial name for high-performance films designed by Dupont) is a polyimide film (colored polymer) that has exceptional electrical, mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Thanks to its outstanding characteristics, Kapton is a flexible insulating material that remains stable in extreme temperatures – use between 269 degrees and + 400 degrees. Kapton film (polyimide film) is designed for all industrial, electrical, mechanical and thermal applications.

The polyimide films KAPTON® (PI) offer very large characteristics meeting numerous industrial needs.

Key properties

  • self extinguishing
  • it will not melt, it carbonizes at over 800°C and very low smoke emission
  • no known organic solvent
  • Tg over 350°C
  • Usable from -2690C up to 400°C
  • Very high dielectric strength (300 Kv/mm with a 25µ film)
  • Very high resistance to radiations


A large range

  • HN, standard film
  • 500VN, heat-stabilized film
  • FN, heat-sealable
  • BCLY, laser printable, thermal transfer, pigment provides high contrast
  • CB, black opaque film, low light transmission/reflectivity
  • CR, film with improved electric characteristics, step change in Corona resistance
  • MT, improved thermal conductivity (3x HN film)
  • RS, carbon loaded, 1 conductive side and dielectric on the other side
  • XC, carbon loaded : 2 main features conductive or anti-static.
  • HPP-ST, heat-stabilized and Corona treated for an improved adhesion.
    Kapalu, film coated with alu minium on 1 o 2 sides
  • CIRLEX : Kapton® on plank


  • Motors and rotating machines
  • Transformers
  • Devices
  • Various applications where service temperature is high
  • Multilayer insulation
  • Wire wrapping

A very large technical documentation meeting the needs of R&D departments is available on request.

KAPTON® is a Dupont de Nemours trademark.

Technical data :

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