30. Victrex
APTIV® / VICTREX® (Thermal class 200/220°C)

APTIV® films are made with VICTREX® PEEK polymer resisting a very large range of temperature.


Key properties

  • UL RTI rating of 220°C for mechanical use without impact and 200°C for electrical use.
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Hydrolysis resistance: exceptional stability in mechanical properties when exposed to a high temperature and high humidity environment.
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Chemical resistance
  • Resistance to radiations
  • Low smoke and toxic gas emission


A large range :

  • 1000 type, unfilled, semi-crystalline films
  • 1100 type, mineral filled film, semi-crystalline films
  • 2000 type, unfilled amorphous film
  • 2100 type mineral amorphous film

NB : if, in application or processing, temperatures above Tg are experienced, then the amorphous film will revert to a semi-crystalline form. This property is particularly advantageous when transforming parts from APTIV® film.


  • transformers
  • motors
  • devices
  • labels
  • speaker diaphragms and voice cones
  • thermoformed structures
  • capacitors
  • flexible film heaters

A very large technical documentation meeting the needs of R&D departments is available on request.

VICTREX® / APTIV® / PEEK are VICTREX® plc trademarks.

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